Wrestlers Shine @ Rossville - Girls Find More "W's" @ Clearwater!

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Congratulations to Brennan Cantrell, Kanden Young, and Kenny Fehrman - all "3" brought home GOLD Saturday!

The Crusader Varsity Wrestlers were in action Friday and Saturday at Rossville, taking part Saturday in the 15 school tournament and returned home with "3" 1ST PLACE Finishes and a couple of "4th's. As a team, the Crusaders placed 4th with 125 team points. Congrats to the Crusaders for their fine matches this weekend in Rossville!

113 Brennan Cantrell 3-0 1st
126 Quinton Redford 3-2 4th
132 Malachi Macias 2-2 4th
138 Montana Heacock 2-2 5th
145 DaVontre' Parker 0-2
170 Bertrai Taylor 1-2
182 Kanden Young 3-0 1st
220 Kenny Fehrman 3-0 1st

NEXT ACTION: Monday, Jan. 7th HERE / JV Double Dual w/ Ark City, Rose Hill & Winfield 5PM


Christmas and New Year's break was over and it was time to head back to the "courts" for the WHS Crusaders and Lady Crusader basketball squads. All "5" teams took the short road trip Friday to Indian Territory a.k.a. Clearwater. The Varsity and JV Girls continued their winning ways - here's the outcomes from all "5" contests - next action will be Tuesday (Jan. 8) @ Wichita Collegiate!!

Varsity Girls (5-2)
WHS 50 CHS 40
Rylee Rusk 14
Ali Zeka 13
Airalyn Frame 12
Lexi Clift 5
Jacelyn Buck 3
Taylor Meyer 3

JV Girls (6-1)
WHS 60 CHS 40
McKenna Jones 12
Lexi Clift 12
Kylie Aufdengarten 12
Natalie Henning 9
Myriland French 7
Sadie Glover 6
Draven Warnock 2

Varsity Boys (3-4)
WHS 45 CHS 57
DeAndre Washington 16
Tyler Brown 7
Silas Popplewell 7
Brayden Higginbotham 6
Tanner Meyer 5
Austin Soles 4

JV Boys (1-6)
WHS 53 CHS 61
John Long 16
Berkeley Wright 14
Silas Popplewell 11
Zane Cornejo 3
RJ Clift 3
Trenton Bannister 2
Cade Fairbanks 2
Toby Henning 2

"C" Team Boys (1-5)
WHS 34 CHS 54

Individual Scoring Not Available

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